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join me on Patreon

I'm so excited to say that I have started a Patreon exclusive journal for all things slow stitch club. I love Instagram / social media / this blog and how many people I have been able to connect with by sharing photos and videos of repairs. But, there is so much more that happens behind the scenes that can't be captured by those curated one minute posts and I want a space to share all of it with you.

Things go wrong, processes aren't linear, and I spend so much of my time learning as I go whether it comes to repair commissions or product designs for the shop. I'd love to share that with you for anyone else who wants to be able to explore repair further. I think it's really important to share some of the processes as well as finished repairs - there is so much that goes into each repair and not everything always works out! I also want somewhere I can share more videos with you that are more detailed than IG stories will allow. I get messages so often from people wanting to know more about different techniques and any tips and tricks that will help make mending easier and I really want to be able to offer this!

The truth of that though is that videos are time consuming to film and edit, blog posts whilst I enjoy writing them don't seem to reach many people and social media platforms chew up and spit out content quicker than I can make it alongside doing everything else.

So, this Patreon journal will be for anyone who wants to see more. More detailed repairs, tips for tricky techniques, demos on how to use vintage tools etc. as well as monthly mending catch ups for us to hang out and mend together. Having membership options means that you can pick and choose what you'd like to see more of and will also make a huge difference for me to be able to spend time on videos if that proves to be a popular tier option.

And if you love what I share online but don't want to be involved in any kind of monthly membership you can support me via Ko-Fi instead.

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