september repair round up

september repair round up

September is always one of my favourite months and this month has been no exception - especially for repairs! Here are the commissions that I have been working on over the last few weeks...

sashiko patch repair on shirt underarm by slow stitch club
sashiko patch repairs on a shirt by slow stitch club
This striped linen shirt was in need of several patch repairs on both underarms and a small area to the front. I used some charcoal Merchant & Mills linen fabric pieces underneath each of the holes and secured them into place with sashiko using my favourite Olympus white cotton sashiko thread. 
darned patch repair on a dress by slow stitch club
This OSKA dress belongs to the same owner as the shirt above and both were requested to have subtle visible repairs. I used a light grey cotton embroidery thread to darn the holes on this dress and it has worked really well. The darned patches add an element of interest but don't contrast too much with the original fabric. 
darned patch repair on a knit jumper by slow stitch club
This Jigsaw cashmere jumper was a really fun departure from my usual colour palette and I decided on a super bright turquoise mending wool to add a statement darned patch. It's always hard to choose how to repair a hole like this one as there are so many options, but in the end I have to work within the time frame and budget set and so these simple darned squares are always a great option. 
sashiko patch repair on hugo boss jeans by slow stitch club
These Hugo Boss jeans were victim to a particularly sharp fence edging whilst the owner was on a dog walk, so the larger rip was unusually shaped. I decided to lean into the shape and patch with some mustard yellow Merchant and Mills linen underneath and sashiko stitching to the top. I would normally use denim as a patch underneath but in this case I interfaced the linen for some extra structure and it has held up really well. 

I'm having to wind down my commission books a little at the moment but if you'd like to get in touch about a piece of clothing that you need repaired then you can use my contact page to send a message :) 
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