Your clothing repairs


Getting started

Thank you so much for choosing me to repair your well loved clothes. I can’t wait to help give your favourite garment a new lease of life through visible mending.

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About the damage

Please email photos of the damaged garment to me so that we can discuss the repair options available. The clearer the photos the more accurately I can quote before receiving the garment and if you can include dimensions of the damage or show it next to a ruler then that’s great (a rough size estimate is also fine).

Design ideas

If you have any design ideas or if you’ve seen any repairs via my website or social media that you like for your garment then please let me know. I want to help create repairs that bring you joy!

Sending your garment

Post your garment to me at the following address:
slow stitch club, The Old Church School, Butts Hill, Frome, BA11 1HR.
Please make sure that the garment is clean and choose a tracked or signed for service to guarantee the safety of your parcel and include a note with a return shipping address.

Choosing your repair


Darning is a technique best suited to knitwear and there are several options depending on the type of damage to be repaired. A classic woven darn is a simple but cost effective option and can be enhanced with multiple thread colours and weave patterns. Honeycomb darning is best suited for clothing that has worn thin but doesn’t yet have a hole and its sibling technique scotch darning works brilliantly for high stress areas such as elbows. Swiss darning is a more time intensive technique that mimics the orignal knit structure.


Sashiko is a Japanese mending technique that uses a simple running stitch to reinforce and repair denim and woven garments. It’s beauty is in its simplicity but there are a variety of stitch patterns that can be applied alongside patching to further strengthen your clothing and add detail to the repair. Whilst sashiko is traditionally worked in white cotton thread, I also offer indigo and black threads to compliment your garment. I also offer machine darning for denim and woven trousers on common damaged areas such as the crotch and thigh seams.


Patching is a great catch all technique that I use frequently for clothing repair. It’s often a more time and cost effective option and can still be highly creative depending on the types of fabric patches used and their placement on your garment.


From L-R:
classic woven darn, decorative swiss darning, woven houndstooth darn

From L-R:
discreet swiss darning, scotch darning, honeycomb darning


From L-R:
sashiko crosses, fabric patch and stitched circles, moth hole patches

From L-R:
machine darning, organic sashiko stitch pattern, woven shirt sashiko patch


From L-R:
wool felt elbow patches, wool felt knee patches, twill cotton patch with sashiko

The repair process

Receiving the garment

Once I receive the garment I will email photos to you with options for thread colours / fabric patch choices against your garment and we will confirm your chosen repair technique and cost. I charge a fixed hourly rate so costs are based on the size of the damage and complexity of the chosen repair technique.

Turnaround time

The turnaround time for repairs is approximately 21-28 working days and I will keep you updated if this changes.

Finishing the repair

Once the repairs are complete I will send an invoice to you and post the garment back via a tracked or signed for service. Please note that return postage is paid for by you and will be added to the invoice. Payment is due within 14 days.

Returning the garment

Upon receiving your garment back please check over the repairs and let me know as soon as possible if you have any issues.

Final notes

I love to share the repairs that I work on across my website and social media but if this is something that you would like to opt out of then please let me know.

Reviews make a huge difference to small businesses so if you’re happy to leave a review on the repairs I’ve worked on then you can do so HERE.

Thank you so much for choosing me to mend your well loved clothing. I hope that you love the repairs and feel excited to keep the garment in your wardrobe for years to come.