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Visible mending for the clothes you love, one slow stitch at a time.

Hi, I'm Skye and I want to share the world of visible mending with you so that you can learn to repair your clothes creatively and save them from landfill.

Whether you're a stitching wizard or have never picked up a needle and thread before, slow stitch club will give you the skills you need to breathe new life into your clothes through a range of workshops, kits and tools all designed and curated by me here in Frome, Somerset.

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What is visible mending?

Using traditional techniques such as darning and sashiko, visible mending is all about repairing clothing in an intentional, simple and creative way. The wear and tear our clothing collects tells a story of the lives we live in them and visible mending can be used to help slow you down and express your creativity whilst also living and celebrating a more sustainable life.

  • Tools and Kits

    I've designed and crafted a range of kits and tools to help you get started with visible mending. From kits, to stitching templates and PDF guides, everything you need to start stitching can be found here.

    All of the items in my shop have been made and sourced as locally as possible in small batches. I love being able to support other small businesses in bringing these items to life.

  • Workshops

    I also offer in person and virtual workshops with small group numbers to give a 1-2-1 teaching experience. These workshops are a great introduction to visible mending and darning and I encourage you to bring along a favourite item of clothing that needs mending so that we can work out a plan together to help you feel confident in repairing it yourself.

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  • Commissions

    If you love the look of visible mending but aren’t able to try it for yourself, I also offer a visible mending service.

    From broken belt loops and rips in denim, to holey socks and bleach stains, email me with photos and a description of your clothing and the damage that needs mending.

    We can then talk through options for repairs and I can work out a quote and time frame for you.

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  • Rachel

    Blissful day [at your workshop] ... loved every minute. Thank you so very much for opening my eyes to visible mending! X

  • Beth

    Would highly recommend this shop. Everything was packaged perfectly and arrived quickly 😊. So pleased to have purchased this kit.

  • Kaya

    I've wanted one of these Mending kits for a while. Packaging was lovely and was packed with care and love. I've already had some practice runs using the clear instructions and the additional videos. So easy to follow aswell. I can't wait to get mending and adding little stitches to all my clothes, thank you Skye.

  • Emma

    Very useful skills lost to many of us. I will now repair my favourite socks more confidently. Thank you.