darning tool display of dreams

darning tool display of dreams

darning tools pegboard display

A slightly different blog post for today because I wanted to share the upgrade my darning tool collection has just been given!

I've been collecting darning tools for a good few years now and have all sorts from vintage Speedweve's and looms to handmade and inherited darning mushrooms. 

Last year I worked with my friend Harvey of Elkco to make my limited edition set of 2-in-1 darning mushrooms and as part of that he made a few extra custom ones for me. These finally tipped my collection over the edge and out of the box I'd been storing them all in, so I chatted to him about creating something special to display them instead. 

Harvey's workshop is adorned with beautifully curated pegboards of all kinds of woodworking tools and I've always felt super creative just being in that space. It occurred to me that even though my studio (aka the attic at home!) is tiny, it could still house all of my darning tools in a way that means I can see them clearly and be surrounded by them in a similar way to Harvey's studio and his tools. 

We went back and forth on a few different ideas but pretty quickly settled on this circular pegboard and it's works so brilliantly for the space and for my collection - with room to grow!

I love this recycled plastic (which you might recognise because I have an offcut that I use occasionally for photography and video backdrops!) and am so happy with how well it shows off all the darning tools. 

It makes me so happy to see them all displayed like this and to be able to access them so easily too! I couldn't really find much in the way of specific darning mushroom/tool displays, so if you have a collection stored in an interesting way then please get in touch as I'd love to see them :) 

vintage darning mushrooms display

vintage darning mushrooms speedweve display

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