visibly mended darned jumper by celia pym at eternally yours somerset house

eternally yours @ somerset house

On Thursday I finally made it to London to visit the Eternally Yours exhibition at Somerset House. I've been wanting to go for months and am so glad I finally found the chance as it was incredible.
celia pym jumper eternally yours somerset house
From the infamous jumper by Celia Pym, to delicate Kintsugi repairs by Maiko Tsutsumi and heartbreaking and intricate stories told through stitches by Aya Haidar, the exhibition explores the way that we react to broken objects and how we choose to repair them.
eternally yours exhibition at somerset house
eternally yours exhibition at somerset house
I loved being able to see the pieces by Ekta Kaul, Amy Goacher and Isabel Fletcher; I will just never ever get enough of studying people's art through stitches and fabric. It's magic to me. There are so many simple techniques that we can use to repair the pieces we love in such creative and beautiful ways and it was so cool to see people's personalities through their repairs.
eternally yours exhibition at somerset house
It was amazing to see all of these pieces in real life and to read about the stories of their lives. The whole exhibition is so thoughtfully curated and it made me swell with hope to see all of the areas in which we have options and creativity and a chance to use repair as a way to make sense of the world for the future. I particularly loved the room towards the end of the exhibition that showcased student projects that explored options for more sustainable tech and appliances around the home.
eternally yours exhibition at somerset house darning mushrooms
The exhibition is on until 25th September so if you have a chance to go between now and then I would definitely recommend it.
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