october repair round up

october repair round up

Between work, home DIY's, personal ups and downs and adjusting to the new darker evenings it feels like October has flown by... anyone else?! 

red heart shaped darn visible repairs on a black cashmere cardigan

Even so, I've still had a few great repairs to work on starting with this black cashmere cardigan belonging to Rebecca. It had 3 small moth holes in it to the front and Rebecca specifically asked for these red heart shaped darns - and I was happy to oblige! Initially we thought there would be just two hearts with one larger one covering two of the moth holes, but I decided to go with three smaller hearts and I love the way they've turned out and look like they're tumbling down the cardigan. 

bright visible mending darned patches on black jogging bottoms

These black cashmere joggers also belong to Rebecca but for these we settled on some simple square darns in shades of orange and red. I say it a lot but I really do love adding pops of colour with my repairs!

blue swiss darning visible mending repairs on a grey patagonia better sweater jumper

The last repair is a personal one of mine. I bought this jumper online recently and it had a small hole in one sleeve and loads of little burn marks all over it - I think from an iron! I've used swiss darning to cover up the damage which was pretty tricky on the burnt patches, but the rest of the jumper is in great condition so it felt worth it.

These repairs and this garment were interesting for me to work on as I talk so often about repairing the clothes we love and wear out, but this is the first time I've bought something that someone else had damaged. I was looking for a jumper for the colder morning dog walks and despite the brand, this was only £8 because of the damage. It felt really nice being able to rescue and repair something that someone else didn't think was worth saving!

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