when a garment becomes a scrapbook

when a garment becomes a scrapbook

houndstooth darn on a jumper elbow visible mending by slow stitch club

I’ve recently finished working on a jumper that I first repaired in November last year. Firstly, it’s the best feeling to have a repeat commission - being trusted with favourite items of clothing fills me with such joy. Secondly, it’s amazing seeing a piece of clothing start to become a scrapbook for the wearer - each mend becomes its own small snapshot of that time and I love the thought of how many patches will be added over the years.

Last year I repaired Claire’s jumper with two small houndstooth darns and worked with colours that complimented the beautiful shade of red of the jumper.
This time there was an elbow hole to contend with, which whilst it wasn’t too big, was surrounded by very thinned out yarn all around it.

As elbows are high stress areas anyway I decided to create a large houndstooth darn to cover the whole area, with a series of reinforcing stitches all around the patch to strengthen all the weak areas as well as covering the main hole.

houndstooth darn on a jumper elbow visible mending by slow stitch club
I love the colours that Claire chose for these repairs and think that the finished darns have real impact on the jumper. I also added a few tiny duplicate stitches tied in with the same colours to cover a small stain as a tiny repair embellishment.

The only downside to a darn this size with several yarn strands was the amount of tail threads to weave in at the end!

If you have a favourite jumper or item of clothing that is in need of repair, please get in touch and we can plan a mend together that will start the story of your wearable scrapbook.

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