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darning disc

darning disc

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I use a darning disc every single day for mending and it's hands down my favourite tool of choice for mending most holes. Simply place the disc underneath your fabric / the hole you need to repair and secure the fabric into place with the elastic tie (watch in action here). The slightly domed shape of these discs means that they can be used to fix a multitude of garments as opposed to a darning mushroom that may be too domed and the adjustable elastic tie means that you can ensure the tension of your fabric is right before you start darning.

Using my original Speedweve darning disc as a model, these darning discs have been hand turned using offcuts of European Beech wood. They come supplied with beautiful recycled elastic from Merchant & Mills in 3 different colours and a clear plastic toggle. The coated elastic ensures no snags or further damage can come to your clothing and the toggle helps to make the elastic easily adjustable.

These darning discs are an extra special addition to your mending toolkit that I hope you'll love and use for years to come.


• Made from European Beech wood
• Approx dimensions: 70mm diameter, 13mm high
• Hand turned locally
• Supplied with 3mm round elastic (50% recycled cotton, 50% elastic made from natural rubber).
• Elastic finished with a clear plastic toggle to easily adjust the tension.


(Please note colours of the elastic may vary slightly from that shown on screen).

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The darning disk holds the area being repaired firmly. Makes the sewing so much easier. Very pleased with it. I appreciate the Instagram posts. The slow stitch club make showing different visible mending techniques. Really helpful.