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Introduction to woven darning - online workshop

Introduction to woven darning - online workshop

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This 2 hour live workshop will show you how to get started with darning a standard woven patch - a great technique for visibly mending your clothes in a colourful and creative way. I will be on hand to answer any questions you have about the process as we mend along together.

Suitable for beginners and sewing enthusiasts alike, we can also discuss the best ways to go about darning particular clothes using different techniques. 

For the workshop you will need:

• a holey sock / jumper / item of clothing (a small hole is best to start with)
 ...or a piece of fabric to practice on if you'd prefer!
 a darning needle
 thread of a similar weight to your clothing (embroidery thread, sashiko thread or darning wools all work well)
 a darning mushroom (or something similar eg. a jam jar lid, pebble, orange, lightbulb).

On the day:

This workshop will take place on Google Meet and all times listed are for the UK (GMT) so please bear this in mind if you are joining from elsewhere.

You will be emailed your ticket for the workshop shortly after purchase and you can also choose to upgrade your ticket to include a copy of my visible mending PDF guide which will also be emailed to you. 

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