november repair round up

november repair round up

It feels like I’ve only just written my last repair round up post, but here we are again! I've had to slow down the repairs I take on for a while as I'm working on a much bigger project at the moment and that's taking up a lot of my time. Having said that, I loved this months commission and also got to work on some personal repairs - and even a skill swap which I totally recommend. I spent the afternoon with Tim learning how to carve my own wooden cup - it was hard work on the hands but wow I loved it so much! I had another one earlier in the year which involved a darning session in exchange for a lesson in making nettle cord and it was such a nice way to be able to share and learn a new skill. 

houndstooth darn weave on a red cashmere jumper visible mending

This cashmere jumper had two small holes and Claire asked for the darns to be worked in blue and orange. I used a houndstooth weave on both which I think has worked really well against the red of the jumper. If you’re interested in learning how to create a Houndstooth weave I have a video over on my YouTube channel and there is also a chart included in the booklet in my Darning Visible Mending Kit

sashiko crosses visible mending on levis 501 jeans

My favourite pair of Levi’s have all of a sudden sprung lots of little areas of damage, so I’ve been stitching away on those when I’ve had time. The back pocket had developed a hole - I often keep my keys in there when I’m at work which I think was the culprit - and I wanted to find a way to repair the hole without unpicking the whole pocket from the jeans so this is the solution I came up with. I have a bag filled with denim jeans that are beyond repair but can still be salvaged for fabric scraps and so I cut off one of the back pockets to use as a patch. I used a simple ladder stitch to sew the pocket onto the original around the outside edges, and then stitched the remainder into place using my favourite sashiko thread in white; I love the monochrome contrast and texture of this repair.

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