skye pennant slow stitch club repair specialist frome somerset

Hi, I'm Skye,

and I want to share the world of visible mending with you so that you can learn to repair your clothes creatively and save them from landfill.

Whether you're a stitching wizard or have never picked up a needle and thread before, slow stitch club will give you the skills you need to breathe new life into your clothes through a range of workshops, kits and tools all designed and curated by me here in Frome, Somerset.

After studying fashion design at university, I graduated with a very different view of the industry and wanted to push against it. From that point on I continued to learn and educate myself; about the vast quantities of clothing that is sent to landfill, the devastating environmental impacts of textiles production as well as the horrifying truths about garment workers and their lack of rights. This is an ongoing education and I learn more about the world of textiles, clothing and repair every day!

The importance of caring for and extending the lives of the clothes that already exist in the world became hugely important to me, and I set out to help teach others about learning to fix their clothing through the practice of visible mending.

Mending is a hugely creative and intentionally slow and therapeutic skill, and the community surrounding it is super inspiring. Teaching workshops brings me so much joy and it's been amazing to see clothing repair become an exciting challenge for everyone who comes along. I hope you’ll join us to learn a new skill and be a part of the change to fight against overconsumption whilst taking care of the clothes you love.

Part of the joy of visible mending is celebrating the stitches you make no matter how wonky they may be. By using contrasting colours of threads and patches on our clothes we can turn the damage into a scrapbook of our lives lived in them. Whether they're from fast fashion brands or handmade by you, our favourite clothes deserved to be worn and loved and repaired for as long as possible. Most importantly: mended is better than perfect.

Over the last few years I've worked with brands such as TOAST and The Seam repairing clothing and teaching workshops for wearers all over the UK. I worked alongside TOAST and Somerset House in July 2022 to teach a virtual darning workshop as part of their Eternally Yours exhibition and have been featured in the press by The Frome List, The Bath Chronicle, The Times and Washington Post.

I also use Patreon to share behind the scenes videos and posts all about my work. From the processes of a repair commission to snippets of daily life and upcoming projects you can support my work by becoming a Patron here

I love talking all things visible mending so if you want to chat or have any questions please get in touch. 

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