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pilot frixion pen

pilot frixion pen

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Pilot frixion pens have been my go to fabric marker for a few years now. They have a 0.7mm rollerball nib and the blue ink is erasable - either by using friction from the rubber tip at the end of the pen or using heat from an iron / hairdryer.

I use these pens to mark out sashiko patterns or darned patch shapes before I start stitching and they work brilliantly across denim, cotton, jersey and stretch fabrics to give you a clear guide to follow. 


Please note: I always recommend testing out these pens on the reverse side or a discreet area of the fabric you're about to mark. With certain fabrics and colours you may find a faint white line remains once you have erased the ink or the ink may reappear in vey cold temperatures. 

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